The journey through America

America, The Land Of Burgers, Hot Dogs…. And Fine Wines

When we think of American cuisine we tend to think of plentiful portions of delicious yet calorie packing meals. Burgers and Hot Dogs are stereotypical American foods along with pizza and pretty much anything else that tastes good but is not necessarily good for the body. With a reputation for foods that are largely focused on convenience over anything else, you might be forgiven for thinking that the nation knows little of the finer things when it comes to cuisine, but you’d be wrong.

When we do think of fine cuisines, France often springs to mind. French cuisine has a reputation of focusing on quality and careful preparation, leaving the diner with a culinary experience not to forget. Of course, you should also expect for your delicious French meal to be washed down with a fine wine from the country. France is not the only nation that can boast fine wines however, and that land known for its burgers and hot-dogs can also make claim to producing some quality wines.

A Perfect Climate.

The United States of America occupies a very large landmass which stretches from freezing temperatures in the North to the tropics in the south. As such, parts of the county has a climate that is just right for growing grapes,resulting in vineyards the are responsible for making some genuinely very fine wines. The state of California in particular has the ideal conditions for vineyards and the state produces 89% of all of the wine that is produced in the United States of America.For American escorts in London please visit

The wide variety of different climates in America also means that a variety of wines can be produced, whereas countries such as France are more limited in the range that they can supply. This helps to make sure that you can find the wine that is just right for you, and the wine that will make a perfect complement to your meal.

A Varied Cuisine.

While you can be forgiven for thinking that American cuisine consists entirely of junk-food, this is not actually the case. America is a very cosmopolitan nation in general so you will find different cuisines from all over the world, with much of it finding itself part of the fabric of American society itself. Fine restaurants selling quality, freshly made meals can be found throughout American towns and cities, while meals cooked from fresh at home can be healthy and nutritious, as well as delicious.

With such a wide variety of different dishes from across the world, it is a good thing that America has so many wines to accompany its meals. If you do find yourself in a restaurant in America then try out the locally made wines and you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Even if you are not in America then you might still find some American wines on the menu, and there is a chance that there will be one that’s just right for the meal you are enjoying.