Fancy a Great Date with an Escort? Why not Take her to America?

Posted on April 28, 2017 in Default

So you are hoping to arrange a date with a stunning escort? You’d want to impress, but where should you take her? Many clients will take their escorts to local events, restaurants or other venues. While that is just fine, it’s not going to make you really stand out from the crowd. To really impress, why not take her to somewhere amazing in America. Many stunning escorts are simply waiting for the right man to sweep them off their feet. Play your cards right and you could end up landing the lady of your dreams.

A Willing Partner

Cherry has been an escort with PalaceVIP for 6 years and says she is hopeful one day the right man will show up. “I do enjoy my job but if I meet the right man, I’m sure I’d happily settle down”, she said. “It will take a lot to take me away from my job though”, she added. “Whomever it is will really need to impress me, and a trip to America will certainly go a long way”.

“I’ve been to America before and I loved it”, said Cherry. “The people are so friendly and there is so much to do”. “American hospitality is well known throughout the world and being treated well really helps to make for a romantic setting”, she added. “If a man shows me a really romantic evening, then who knows what might happen next”, she said.

So Much to Do

“Another great thing about America is that there is always so much to do”, said Cherry. “Some trips can become a little boring at times, but not in America”. “Awkward silences can put a lot of strain on any potential relationship, but that’s less likely to happen where there is always something to keep you occupied”. “Whenever there is a lull in conservation, there is always something new to talk about when In America”, she added. “It’s just that kind of place”.

While Cherry agrees that she may sound demanding to some, she is sure that she will make a great partner to some guy in the future. “I have a lot of love to give”, said Cherry. “I just want to be sure that I am with the right guy before making any kind of commitment”. “While there is no guarantee that a trip to America will seal the deal, it will definitely be a good start”, she concluded.